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Associations (a competitive word game ).

There was a game we used to play in school and I liked it a lot. It's based on associations - two people from two teams both know and must describe a same word by other associative words in turns - only one answer per turn allowed. The person who proposes the word, must select a word that's not too easy to explain (as their opponent has the first try), but not too hard as they must explain it in their turn.

Rules: Word to guess must be a noun, though associations could be any single word that has no common root with the original - noun, adjective, verb, etc, or at a pinch, if it's a complex verb - up to 3 words; for example "come out with" is allowed as association for "murder" :) . Obviously the one who received the right answer from the participants (all italki members are invited to guess the word) on its turn is the winner in that round. In the next round, the other one selects a word and so on.

If there's someone who accepts the challenge - you can contact me with a private message to propose a word or to receive a word from me! Or if there're other italki members who want to compete each other - please announce yourselfs and go on!


Apr 29, 2014 6:02 PM