How do I say "I don't remember Japanese well" or something like that...??

When I was in Japan, I would try to say something like にほごおようくおぼえていません , but it seemed that was not really correct. I did not understand if it was an incorrect sentence or if it was just not the way a person would try to communicate the thought. What is the correct way to communicate that thought....?

Apr 30, 2014 4:36 AM
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Yes,it soften the diction and the phrase you said are the same as mine; both are popular. 


にほんご よく おぼえていません。 : I don't think it's natural but you can say the same meaning as にほんご (ほとんど) わすれました。 [ not remember well  vs almost forget ]

April 30, 2014

....and following up with the last question....   if it is ok to say:

にほんご まだ よく できません。


...but I am really not trying to communicate that I can't, but rather that I don't remember how, is it safe to say...

にほんご よく おぼえていません。


Is that safe?  In addition to understanding if it is correct, I am also trying to understand what a person would typically say and why one word might be used over another.  In this case I am wondering between the use of 覚えるand できる。

April 30, 2014

Ah, interesting....  Very helpful, thanks!

So まだ (yet) and よく(well, or good) kind of softens the delivery..?


Ok, so you show

にほんご まだ よく できません。


Then would it be about the same to say....

にほんご まだ よく  わかりません。

Would that be about the same?  Would one be more normal than another?

April 30, 2014

When someone talks to you:


にほんご できません。 unfavorable answer ( refuse to communicate )

にほんご まだ よく できません。 favorable answer ( 'd like to communicate )


April 30, 2014