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Have you ever dreamed about visiting Spain? Many people travel to Spain every year because it is sunny, has beautiful beaches that run for miles and looks really pretty, but it is also a place that can drive you wild if you aren’t prepared. By personal experience and asking my students, I gathered ten very helpful and interesting things that you’ll need to know before visiting Spain.

May 1, 2014 12:00 AM
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Las palabras mas importante en todo la lengua española es en mi opinión:


No me apetece. 


If you are visiting someone's home or out with people that consider you their guest in their country the more you say no thank you, I'm full, I can't eat another bite, really I'm stuffed so far that I'm ready to explode, I'm getting sick, please stop feeding me, I don't drink, I can't eat that, I'm allergic.... the more they will feed you and trying to make you drink and asking you if you don't love them or if don't you like their cooking or them or Spanish food isn't good enough for Americans etc. etc. etc. 


In Spanish culture (at least in Southern Spain where I was) when you protest you are politely stating that you want them to argue you into eating more. You really want more, just don't want to ask directly for it. I gained about 40 pounds and was addicted to caffeine and alcohol and sick by the time I learned the magic words... 


No me apetece. It doesn't appeal to me. 


The moment you say that suddenly everything changes. It's like saying Abracadabra. They will instantly stop offering you food or alcohol or coffee. It's miraculous. 


It's not that important if you are there for a short visit, but it might be the most important little phrase in all of Spanish if you are going to be living in someone's home. 


Well, at least that was my perspective. 


Hope you have a fantastic time in España!

July 1, 2014

Lo que más me ha gustado de este articulo es el "no pasa nada!" jajajajaja me he imaginado hasta levantando las manos en el aire, como si así quitaramos más peso al asunto, me he reído mucho!

Os invito a todos a visitar España, es un lugar maravilloso, y la gente es más maravillosa aún :)

May 7, 2014

Te lo agradezco mucho, Uri. Muy útil el artículo. ¡No veo la hora de estudiar en el extranjero! :)

May 2, 2014

That's what I thought it was in Spain too, that everyone was trying so hard to be nice that it would be delivering the worst insult ever not to accept their food because they were making it clear that it was an expression of hospitality. I never was so FAT in my life! Ha. 


If I ever go to your country I will make sure to bring some really big clothes. :) 

July 2, 2014

I love your article! I just spent over a year in Spain! 


But some areas in Spain are rather cheap especially for going out to restaurants; tapas are great for groups because its a lot of food for very cheap. Also the Spanish I find are NEVER on time for casual things; whether it was class or whether it was meeting a friend. I found this especially in the South of Spain. 


You are very right though about Barcelona! It is a lot more expensive than other cities! Especially when staying at a hotel! 

July 2, 2014
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