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English-speaking partner needed!

Since I just started my first year of university I'm committed to be finally fluent in English. University gives me the chance to study a third language for free. However I need to finish every English lesson in their language institute or to take an exam where I should show them I'm fluent in it.  A month ago I took a diagnosis exam to be classified in any level. I got into B1.1 My teacher told me I'm very good at grammar but I should improve my speech and listening. All the past month I was learning grammar I already knew. So I know speech is the reason why I can't move to a more advanced level. If I start to practice my speech from now on I will be able to take the exam and start a third language in second semester. I really need your help English-speaking people reading this. I will be very glad to help you to improve your Spanish skills l don't mind your level. Hope to hear from you soon as possible. Check out my skype username on my profile! Thank you.. 

May 1, 2014 1:54 PM