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Hi people )) Everything ok?


1-What you want learn in Portuguese?

2- You want learn Portuguese European or Portuguese from Brazil?

3- Why you want learn Portuguese?

4- What is the thing more hard to learn in that language?


I appreciate all answers



May 1, 2014 10:47 PM
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Ola Sophia,


I like the language it sounds nice, i also need it for a job and im going to Mundial i can not wait, so that would be the main reason, i dont think is hard language.


May 3, 2014

 Ola Sophia. My answers to your question are following :
1. I would like to be fluent in Portuguese. That will make me able to speak with the Portuguese people , in order to familiarize myself with their country and their culture.
2. I am trying to learn European version of Portuguese.
3. The people in my country does not know much about Portugal and its role in the European and World history. I just was a bit curios about that matter and decided to read something about it, what was the beginning of my study of your language.
4. The Portuguese grammar is a bit difficult for the people that does not speak Roman languages . I, personally, have some problems with the usage of your prepositions and some verbal tenses. But what is the most important for me in the matter of the language study is a possibility of talking with the native speakers.

Regards. Kamenko

May 2, 2014