أهلآ بكم ,English speaker in need of your advice (from native Arabic speakers or dedicated learners :)

 انا بتكلم عربي شوية بس مش كتير


I am sincerely trying to make a tough decision on HOW to learn Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic. To keep it brief and to the point , hoping for good advice ( Nasiaa')


- Want to be able to read  Arabic Newspapers/write structured phrases, work in Arab countries  Saudi/Egypt

-  Want to be able to understand Islamic Texts

where I am:

Can read Arabic Alphabets with proper Makhraaj.

Practising survival phrases like the ones writen above in ammaiyya



Anyone taken the path to learning MSA/Classical Arabic Online..any recommendations on sites?

Anyone suggest Language Immersion? like a formal University /one on one in Egypt or other places?


I am in US now originally from India and have the ability to travel to learn for a couple of months.

Please advice :) شكرا

skype: naeem.shaik5


May 2, 2014 2:37 PM
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Hi Naeem,

I have been in a very similar position to yourself - I was struggling to decide whether I should learn Fusha or 3ammeya (dialects). Most Arabs will tell you to forget learning the dialects and learn Fusha instead. Fusha is of course very important but please bear in mind that people do NOT speak in it normally despite what Arabs try to tell you. They all communicate in their own dialects. Even songs, TV shows are in dialect. 


If your intention is to only read and write and understand the news and other formal literature, then go ahead and start with Fusha. If however, you want to SPEAK and communicate with people in Egypt or Saudi where you stated you wanted to work in, then I advise you to learn those dialects. After learning some Fusha and several dialects, I settled on the Saudi dialect because that's where I want to be understood. I am not sure where in Saudi Arabia, you would perhaps want to work in. If it is in the Hejaz regions that include Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah, you should focus on the Hejazi dialect which is actually very similar to Egyptian dialect. 


Like I said, I have been in your position before so understand the frustration. I hope my advice helps! :)



May 4, 2014

مرحبا نعييم اعتقد ان اللغه الفصحى هي افضل اختيار للتعلم العربية لان باقي اللهجات مبنيه عليها اذا اردت تعلم اللغه بصحة كما ارى ان هدفك ان تفهم النصوص الاسلاميه  اتمنى لك التوفيق 

Hi naeem i think it better to learn the standard arabic because all the dialects can understand the real arabic ans as i see you would like to understand the islamic text
good luck

May 30, 2014

Salam Naeem, 


I advice you to reach the intermediate level of MSA, then start Egyptian (commonly used and understood around the arab world ) .. It's will be easy for you later for colloquial

Also, you can continue further to intermediate level, parrarel to colloquial .. 

Have a good luck,

Mohamed Nadir

Arabic Teacher

June 1, 2014

I'm native Arabic speaker , I'm interested in English, we exchange our languages on skype if you want, my skype ID: abdoali88 .. I wanna make new friends from the UK and US ^_^

May 2, 2014

Well, I see many people here from Asiam Europe & US coming to learn Arabic, I will try to ask where to start from and if i got any clue i will post here :) Good luck~

May 2, 2014
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