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Cement or face powder?

I read an article which said that a research showed that men prefer women without makeup, or even using little makeup. What do women - and men - think about it? Does makeup obfuscates the natural beauty?

May 2, 2014 4:50 PM
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Makeup should be used for special events and light/nude makeup if work warrants a good presence... The rest, for the sake of beauty and skin woman should be as natural as she can.

May 3, 2014

I prefer women with little or even no make up. But in certain cases little make up does help to look more attractive.

May 2, 2014

@Bruce: I wish it was like that; the weird thing is that the one who don't use makeup now is considered the rebillious one and not the other way around ;) at least where I come from, so I'm not really generalizing here! And this discussion caught my eye because of the word (cement), as it's the suitable word for how some girls are using makeup, layers and layers that I'm always confused what if she wants to walk under the rain to enjoy it, or God forbids she wants to cry!!

Little moderate make up is really ok, but the girls around are drawing everything on their faces even their eye browses and fake moles! They do look different when they wash their faces at the end of the day;) When I was living in the dorm, I used to see girls when they wake up in the morning and I was always confused who is this girl and who is that one! Because I see them usually at the end of the day when they come back from the university and their faces are painted! I got to know one of them and we became friends, she once told me if her first lecture is at 8AM, she would have to wake up at 6AM, because make up alone takes a whole hour;) there's no freedom in heavy makeup, I believe when you get used to it, it will be really hard to go out without it. Women are more beautiful without it and it should be for special occasions only.

November 20, 2014

I don’t feel obligated to tell a woman how she has to wear her make up, a woman should decide for herself what make up and how much, but my opinion about her appearance is only said when it’s asked. In most cases I don’t care how a woman looks, it’s her responsibility. It’s not really important in most cases, besides the woman that I know personally, don’t have to look like a prostitute.

May 7, 2014

Many women these days wear a lot of make-up to make themselves feel more confident. When they take off all the make-up they feel ugly. How sad is this? I wish they realised they don't need all this. A little make-up is fine but not a lot. Be more confident ladies!

May 4, 2014
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