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My First Irish Language Lesson

Oh my God! My first Irish language lesson with Shona Cammillare from Limerick, Ireland today was sooooooooooooo amazing! She is really a great teacher and I was happy to learn the proper pronunciation of several words I wasn't clear on and to also rule out a phrase that appears in Irish grammar books they sell here in the States which is actually wrong. She said I have such an American accent too. Hehehehe I guess I really do. Too funny!!!! I love it! :)


My cellphone kicked us out of Skype at first and I had to reboot my phone. Thankfully after that, we were able to reconnect and continue on with the lesson. I really need to invest in a new cellphone soon. This one is almost three years old now and the thing is constantly crashing. Plus, unless I have my headphones in, which I did during the lesson, you can't ever hear anything on it.


She says that after five weeks we will only be speaking in Irish. Heh. That sounds a little intimidating but hey, you won't know if you can do it unless you try. I really want to learn this language too since my grandfather on my mother's side was Irish. Unfortunately, he didn't speak it and since he lived 12 hours away in a southern State, I wouldn't have been able to learn it from him if he had anyhow but I still think it is important due to my heritage. So let's get that American spirit, brush off our shoulders, pull our chest up and push it forward, and step up to the challenge!!!


Already scheduled another class. CANNOT WAIT! Woot! Woot! :)

May 2, 2014 6:13 PM
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Enthusiasm is a great thing that can move mountains.

May 2, 2014