When reviewing your peer's work, consider the questions below. They are guidelines for feedback. You do not have to answer all of the questions and you may like to provide extra information.
a. Is the title clear? Does it seem appropriate to the register?
b. Is the language (grammar and vocabulary) accurate? Have you noticed any mistakes?
c. Is the language appropriate to the register? Do the phrases and vocabulary used reflect the language that we have studied in class?
d. Can you see evidence of use of the Report Corpus?
e. Does the paragraph give enough relevant information without providing too much detail?
f. Is the paragraph cohesive?

The Presence of Technology in Higher Education Institutes

In October 2014, a survey on the presence of technology in higher education institutes was commissioned by the University of Padua. Several students and docents were questioned about their opinion on the aforementioned subject. It was stated by 60% of the surveyed that technology is absolutely necessary to study at university. On the other hand, the opposite idea was presented by 20% of the surveyed. Nevertheless, difficulties to adapt to the presence of technology were presented by the other 20% of the surveyed; notwithstanding, promptness to adapt to such technology was expressed by them.

May 6, 2014 5:02 PM