How's the construction business in your country? Is there work for a building engineer?

I am building engineer and I'm thinking about the possibility of emigrating to another country in search of work.

May 6, 2014 6:50 PM
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I suugest to you  to think of moving to any country where you can find good work on work permit.  If you like the place and environment, then you can think of settling down there. After few year you might want to go back to Spain.


Explore the possibility with Spanish companies that do projects abroad in construction industry. Even if you do not find job with those companies you will get good idea about construction business in those countries.  You can alo register yourself on international jobsites like Monster etc. and search for jobs in your field all around the world.


Do not focus on the boom in construction business in any particular country. You just need 1 job. You focus on your area of expertise on construction industry and look for job anywhere. Your best bet is looking for job on international job portals. All the best!

May 6, 2014

Hi, I live in Algeria, and I am in the field of renewable energies, but what I know from my friends who are in your field that they have a lot of possibilities to find a job here. I think you should contact foreign companies who are implemented here in Algeria and try to join their team.
I advice you also to see in the direction of EAU and Qatar, there are also opportunities and the salaries are interesting there.
good luck with your career :)

May 6, 2014

Hi I´m from Mexico and I am Architect. In many citys from this country speacialy in metropolis like Guadalajara City, Monterrey City, obviously the capital Mexico city, Puebla, Tampico, etc.

This "Boom" for the creation from Modern citys each day is more frecluenty.

You can see more project in Internet about this..

May 6, 2014