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What is your opinion about monogamous in a relationship?

What is your opinion about monogamous in a relationship?


This seems to me an interesting topic because people from all different cultures coming here. What's jour opinion, meaning, statement or habit?


For my it's very important to be monogamous. In my culture it's normal in a marriage or relationship. However, many people do not adhere to!


I'm curious!


May 7, 2014 1:19 PM
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hi Milou, in the past and especially  at wealthy people,  polygamy was something natural and the number of wifes could be illimited, it said that some kings had more than 1 handred wives at the same time ! . In our religion islam, it is permissible to have many wifes, a man can mary at the same time 1, until 4 wives, but there are some laws and restrictions , and rules to follow in that case.
I think that by nature, a man should mary one woman, it's my opinion. it is already difficult to manage one woman :)

May 7, 2014

I wonder why only men are permitted to marry more than 1 person.. Anyways.. if that thing is other's culture I have no against it especially if a man can provide everything that his families needed, not only limited to money but also in time and love. 


However, for me I don't want my husband to have another wife. I wanted a man who will love me with ALL his heart, soul, mind and body. How can he love me wholly if there is someone I need to share my husband's love for me? In love and marriage I don't want to settle for less. My future husband is ONLY MINE.  ~____~

May 7, 2014

<em>Is it really men's NATURE to "think" about and "want" to have many women or not? Second, do women "naturally" "think" about and "want" to have multiple men or not? It all boils down to nature.</em>


I'm a woman and I'd like to have multiple men. Surely that must be my nature? Cool settled then.

Except it's more a society issue. If a woman says she wants multiple partners she's a whore. If a man does it well he's showing his masculinity and just being a man. So obviously women's wants in regard to sex and relationships are repressed in society - all societies generally speaking. 


Anyway to answer the question I don't know anyone not in a monogamous relationship. I think it might be the thing people gossip about if they werent. Personally though I think as long as it's consensual between adults who cares what others think as long as you're happy. 


June 5, 2014

Hi Milou! I think monogamy is fine as it is the basis for a serious and stable relationship, if the people do not agree with that is better not to have a relationship, but actually it is choice of every person. I am from Santiago de Chile and my city leads as the city with the highest infidelity Latin America, here the people you have the stupid thought that monogamy is for ugly people.

May 9, 2014

Milou you need to ask yourself these two questions. Is it really men's NATURE to "think" about and "want" to have many women or not? Second, do women "naturally" "think" about and "want" to have multiple men or not? It all boils down to nature. Also bear in mind that society is not always right. Including mine. Trust me if a "straight" man tells a "straight" woman  that he doesn't care about having multiple women, then he's " Obsessed" with something else. That could be "money" , "power", "science/ knowledge" or "Religion". And if he's obsessed with one of the foregoing, then he may not even pay attention to his only wife/gf/woman.

Women are so vital in any "straight" man's life that nothing except one or two of the foregoing obsessions that could make a man not think about having many women, not because he supports monogamy, but rather because he thinks that this will divert him from achieving his goals. You may want to consider reading about the correlation between the Japanese obsession with work and marriage/ birth rate in Japan as they act as a proof to what I've just written.

Just type "brith rate in Japan" on any search engine and you'll see if what's I am saying is true or not. There are Japanese people here who can either support what I am saying or refute it.

May 7, 2014
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