Susanna P.
The most pleasant language to hear

Perhaps this question was already asked here, but I will make a try too :)

Which language is the most beautiful and pleasant in sounding for you? Even if you don't understand the meaning of what is said, which one do you really enjoy to listen?

May 7, 2014 7:28 PM
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Well Arabic specially Quranic Arabic as there are many good speakers in the world. Just google it peaceful even you can't understand but you will enjoy


what about you?   ;-)

May 7, 2014

for sure persian! i consider it as king of languages :D

May 7, 2014

I like the sound of French. 

May 7, 2014

Arabic sounds great

May 7, 2014

Ukrainian <3 and French. French because looks chich and Ukrainian because looks sexy and melodious, I also like Portuguese (From Portugal) because is my 1st langauge and very hard to foreign get a perfect accent :)

May 10, 2014
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