richa tomar
LOVE.....pure meaning in a word.

LOVE word is a small word, but it has a lot of explaination itself, whenever we fall in love then we understands the meaning of guys just say your feelings through this discussion.

May 8, 2014 6:53 AM
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Whenever we fall in love, we fall, we don’t necessarily know what love is. From the outside looking in differentiates with someone who’s in love, because the outsider can judge more objectively. It’s not wise to just fall in love.

“Fools fall in love quickly, but the wise ones know when it’s their time to engage.”

There are only two kinds of love, the one that is false and the one that is true. Man can love what’s not good for themselves and others, and that which is the opposite. What is false and what is true?

May 8, 2014