Dominant language vs. Mother language

Does your dominant language ever mess you up when you’re speaking/writing your mother (first) language? If so how?
Also what languages are they?

I know it happens to me with Spanish and English. Sometimes I'll get a weird accent with my Spanish if I stop speaking it for a while. 

May 8, 2014 5:35 PM
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Well In my home the 1st language was allways the Portuguese but how dad of my mum have family french and spanish in my home we speak 1st language Portuguese and 2nd Spanish, sometimes we talk both languages, depend, sometimes we talk a little in English too.

Sometimes When I talk in Spanish I made mistakes but in word mistake not in accent like I'm doing a normal conversation in Spanish normal accent and I say some word in Portuguese and just after I see the mistake.

What usually happen a lot with me is when I talk Portuguese sometimes I start talk english O.o I talk a lot of time in my day in English, because of my friends and because my German ins't good so I need speak in english, so sometimes I'm talking in Portuguese and I don't know why I start talk in English is very annoying...I'm talking with someone in Portuguese and after in English and the person stay look for me and I think OMG WAIT YOU KNOW PORTUGUESE WHAT I'M DOING...

May 8, 2014