If there's a song which made you cry? I burst into tear when I heard a song today, did anybody have the same experience?
May 9, 2014 2:36 AM
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No, I guess I'm too old and grumpy for that. But 'Everybody Hurts' by R.E.M came pretty close, especially since they played it at the funeral of a friend that committed suicide.
May 9, 2014

great phrase!  "I burst into tearS".  

When I listen to "I can feel a hot one"  by Manchester Orchestra it makes me want to cry.  

Remember to use the present perfect when you ask someone about experiences that they may HAVE HAD.  like this,  "has anyone had the same experience?"

May 9, 2014

Hero by Mariah Carey & 潮騒のメモリ

May 9, 2014

Yes, 'Afraid' by The Neighbourhood, for a reason similar to that stated by Gary.

May 9, 2014


I prefer the lyric of the song of Tangled up in you.

June 29, 2014
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