Kamal Aiman Aidi
Reasons to Host an Exchange Student

My family planned to host a foreign student next year. I wrote some reasons why we want to host an exchange student, as it is requested in the application form. I can speak English, but when I'm writing, my essays won't be good. I don't know why. 

There are reasons why we want to host an exchange student. Firstly, we want to share the Malaysian cultures to the student(?) and at the same time we want to learn a new culture from the student. Secondly, we want to connect our children with the student, because it might change ones(?) to be more open-minded and more mature, not just to the student(?), but also to ourselves(?). Lastly, we can broaden our horizons through hosting to gain a better understanding of culture differences.


Please correct my spelling and grammar. And please share if you do have any better sentences.

May 11, 2014 8:08 AM