GM food... Is our fear groundless?

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I've recently read a very interesting article, which features an increasing consumers' awareness of genetically modified products. Here is the link

Being a food biotechnologist myself, I like to ponder over the dangers of biotechnological progress. But, as truly pointed out in the article, the GM food caused no deaths yet. While thousands of people die of malnutrition every hour. Is there something wrong with our priorities and should we shift our gaze to the things that matter?

 Hope, you'll enjoy reading:) However, this journal requires free subscription. For those, who study English, "The Economist" is absolutely essential. 

May 11, 2014 9:31 AM
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I look on GM food as traditional breeding techniques raised to a vastly higher level. However, there is obviously a lot of unease in certain groups. But the calculation of risk is misplaced. Consider what is happening with Golden Rice, something that will prevent blindness is being stopped because a potential but unknown risk in the West is stopping its use in Asia and Africa by groups like Oxfam.


You should look at Jstor if you need access to research publications.

May 11, 2014

I am never going to be comfortable eating GM food. I think these products should be labelled as such and we should let the consumer decide. Whenever a greedy multinational like Monsanto stands to make billions of dollars in profit, its almost always the case that they're going to attempt to suppress any negative press. I'd take most GM related news with a mountain of salt. 

May 11, 2014

Thanks for this link, Michael.

I agree, that in regard to GM food, people tend to see a tiny black spot on a vast white sheet.

In fact, considering the impending population growth's crisis and environmental issues, what is the better solution for the possible world hunger?

That's good to know, that people try to bring back the popularity of farming and natural products.

But that's still a  minority...


May 11, 2014