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Chinese call center


Caller: Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan?

Operator: Yes, you can speak to me.

Caller: No, I want to speak to Annie Wan!

Operator: Yes I understand you want to speak to anyone. You can speak to Me. Who is this?

Caller: I'm Sam Wan. And I need to talk to Annie Wan! It's urgent.

Operator: I know you are someone and you want to talk to anyone! But what's this urgent matter about?

Caller: Well... just tell my sister Annie Wan that our brother Noe Wan was involved in an accident. Noe Wan got injured and now Noe Wan is being sent to the hospital. Right now, Avery Wan is on his way to the Hospital.

Operator: Look, if no one was injured and no one was sent to the hospital, then the accident isn't an urgent matter! You may find this hilarious but I don't have time for this!

Caller: You are so rude! Who are you?

Operator: I'm Saw Ree.

Caller: Yes! You should be sorry. Now give me your name!!

Operator: That's what I said. I'm Saw Ree...

Caller: Oh ........God! !!!

Nov 6, 2008 1:32 PM
Comments · 6
i sooooo love it... i was once a call center agent that is why i can relate.... this is hilarious. thanks.
December 17, 2008
ahahahh nice thank you
December 12, 2008

LOL!!!  Pretty good!

November 27, 2008
oh my God...maybe i have the same problem ""my name is Nada==nothing""
November 22, 2008
LOL !!!!!
November 22, 2008
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