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would you like to learn classical chinese?

Hello, everyone!

      well, i know this question can be a little bit stupid,but i am really curioused about if any of you would like to learn or interesed in classical chinese.


     classical chinese is used as writing  language before 1918,which mean almost every chinese book wrote before 1918 were in classical chinese. it is a highly refined language and  it has higher literariness than modern chinese ( it is fountainhead of modern chinese) learning classical chinese can help you have a better understanding of chinese language and  will give you a brilliant way to know chinese culture.


       i have thought about if it is possible for foreginers to learn classical chinese as it seems or say indeed is difficult. my answer is yes, for two reason. the first one , it is a language ,so each word has precisely meaning just same  as any other language,so try to memorize the vocabulary and understand  grammer ,you will get quite good prograss.the second reason is that the language has been used for thousands of years which mean there are so many articles of many different difficulty levels in this language  that you can learn this language step by step from simple to advanced,this is also the reason why chinese students start to learn classical chinese from primary school( though i must add it is in the last year of primary school at the age about 12)


     i think if you can aready speak chinese fluently( you get the ability to learn it) and you are passionate in chinese language and culture( you get the motivition to learn it), then it might be a good idea to learn  classical chinese .you will get the password to explore the chinese culture and history^^

     wish everyone have a nice day and have a good progress in learning language:)


May 11, 2014 4:41 PM
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thanks for your answer^^ btw, i enjoy stephen chow movie also :P

May 13, 2014

Hey curious girl ^ ^ I think the answer is quite simple, who loves classical Chinese culture, would prefer learning classical chinese.  
I am not a big fan of classical chinese culture, i mainly listen to cpop and watch Stephen Chow movie, so i dont feel like spending time learning classical chinese character 

May 12, 2014


      非常感谢您的指正,我觉得您的意见是正确的,我的用词不够精确。在这个讨论里我想表达的意思是那些已经可以流利使用汉语并且对汉语及汉民族文化感兴趣的外国人可以尝试接触学习古代汉语。古代汉语的书面语大致有两个系统,一个是文言,即我在讨论中所写的classical chinese,另一个是古白话,您提到的变文,话本及四大名著都属于古白话系统,古白话只用于民间文学和笔记语录等部分作品。古白话和现代汉语的差别要小一些,一般来说,能阅读文言文,也就能看懂古白话,我们一般学习的也是文言,所以我在讨论中使用了classical chinese 而不是ancient chinese。

     参考您的意见,在此我将classical chinese is used as writing language before 1918,which mean almost every chinese book wrote before 1918 were in classical chinese.修改为classical chinese is used as writing language approximately before 1920,which mean most of chinese books wrote before 1920(approximately)are in classical chinese.




May 12, 2014

變文 話本 四大名著也是白話 皆作成於1918之前 你該說的是1919年的白話文運動 而不是以1918年為界 將文學斬分為兩個時代

May 11, 2014