Logic and instintc/intuition/perception

Can logic influence instinct/intuition/perception till change totally someone opinion and if yes, is it possible always?


For example:

- a poem that is not your favourite can became logically your favourite? Probably yes, but will this poem be also emotionally favourite? 

- a music does not give shivers but can be expained and is possible to appreciate it logically but it will not anyway give shivers.


Please, help me to understand.


Thank you in advance.





May 11, 2014 9:37 PM
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   Logic can influence your  appreciation some something subjective, like music, in this manner.


   If someone explains to you something about a  unique  musical composition,

you can learn to appreciate it.


     It is also possible that  if you   understand the logic involved in the construction of something artistic,

your appreciation  will increase.


  However, it is only partly accurate to discuss   a   dichotomy (a pairing of opposites) in the context of Logic as it might contrast with Instinct /  Intuition.


 The Dichotomy that you are trying to understand is that between

 Objective Experience and Subjective Experience.  It is weekly characterized as a difference between Logic and Intuition.

May 12, 2014



   Here is a  recent   Notebook Entry on this distinction   Elisa.



May 12, 2014