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The graph gives information about a company’s turnover, operating profit and unit sales over a three-year span.
Operating Profit
In 2001 the company’s operating profit totaled $500 million. By 2002 this figure had shrunk 20% to $400 million, followed by a further drop to $350 million in 2003.
The company’s turnover reached $6200 million in 2001. However, it fell to $6100 million the following year before fully recovering by 2003 to the level of 2001.
Unit sales
The company sold 9 million units in the year 2002, down from 10 million units in 2001. Nevertheless, sales rose by approximately 2 million units in 2003, recovering from the previous year’s 10 percent decline.
To sum up, despite company’s turnover and unit sales recovery in 2003 after a considerable fall in 2002, operating profit had plummeted dramatically over the reported four-year course.

May 12, 2014 12:08 PM