Tips to continue to study with your language partners

Last time, I talked about the reason why it's good to make good language partners and teachers. As a graph says, the longer you study the language, the more you successfully continue to study it. If you have not read it yet, please check that out. I'll talk about how you can study with language partners or teachers well.


1 Make it a habit

One thing which is important is to make a rule to study the language like every day, meaning you had better make language partners. Another thing which is more important is to learn with them regularly.


Let's fix time to study with your language partners. Again, the longer you learn, the more you can successfully continue to study. Why not make it a habit to do that. You'll be able to speak the language soon.


2 Decide what you want to do

You might have already made some language partners and done some language exchange. How was it? Was it good or bad? This is especially for those who have not been able to have a good language exchange.


Firstly, decide what you want to do during the language exchange. Do you want to practice speaking? Then, why not do that? Here's the tip for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students respectively.

May 14, 2014 7:20 AM