Using shodan شدن

I am trying to get better with using shodan. Can people give me different tenses (in English) where I should use shodan and I will translate. 


For example I need to when to write shod, shode etc.



May 14, 2014 2:36 PM
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Shodan is used in passive verbs. Kardan is used in active verbs. Take a look at these examples:

1- Anha ayandeye man ra kharab-KARDAND.

They ruined my future. 

as you can see, the verb is active.

2- Ayandeye man kharab-SHOD.

My future was ruined.

The verb is passive.

3- Ma be foghara komak-KARDIM.

We helped the poor.

The verb is active.

4- Be foghara komak-SHOD.

The poor were helped.

The verb is passive.

The present form of Shod is Mishavad, Shodam, Mishavam and so on.

Let's take a look at @majid's examples:

Man narahat-SHODAM: I became upset.

Man narahat-KARDAM: I made (sb) upset.


Man narahat SHODAM

May 14, 2014

Examples for Shodeh:

Eng: He's getting tired, because we had a long walk.

Fa: Oou khaste shode, choon ma yek piyadeh raviye toolani dashtim.

Eng: She's getting disappointed to find blue shoes.

Fa: Oou az peyda kardane kafsh haye aabi naa-omid shode.


Example for Shodeh-am:

Eng: I've got tired of waiting!

Fa: Az Entezar khaste shodeh-am!


Example for Shode-ee:

Eng: Had you ever been in love?

Fa: Ta be hal ashegh shodeh-ee?


By the way, I write the basic forms of Shod:


For I you have to use shodam => I got upset = Man narahat shodam.

For you you have to use shodi => You got upset = To narahat shodi.

For he/she tou have to use Shod => He/She got upset = Oou narahat shod.

For we you have to use shodim => We got upset = Ma narahat shodim.

For you (plural) you have to use Shodid => You got upset = Shoma narahat shodid.

For They you have to use shodand => They got upset = Anha narahat shodand.


I hope I could help you. I tried my best!

May 18, 2014

what mean word "shone"? equal word english or persian ! can if?

معنی کلمه "" چی مشیه به فارسی یا مترادفش به انگلیسی؟

May 14, 2014

You know, my English grammer is not good enough... but I tried to make you understand by having a little explanation. 

Hope you get it :)

May 19, 2014

Shod is for past


shode is for now


In that sentences I meant the guys did something for a while but now they are stop doing that.

take a look:

He's getting tired, because we had a long walk. <= He wasn't tired till now, but now he feels tired.

She's getting disappointed to find blue shoes. <= She was hopeful till now, but now she is disappoint.

May 19, 2014
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