Educación , certificación para escribir español.

Mi hija es bilingüe, Español, Holandés. Ella habla Español corriente, pero no lo puedo escribir bueno. Tiene una educación administrativo. Que diploma, certificado, educación me puedo avisar para ella? Lo mas cursos fijan en hablar, y habla ya Español desde niña. Entonces un curso en el verano que practica hablar, no vale la pena.


If you don’t understand my Spanish:


My daughter is bilingual, Spanish, Dutch. She speaks Spanish fluently, but she cannot write it properly. She had an education in administration. What certification or education can you advise me for her? Most language courses focus on speaking, and she already speaks Spanish. Some summer course that focuses on speaking would be a waste of money.

May 15, 2014 7:54 AM
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Try some course with 'Instituto Cervantes' either in your area or online. Some people would find that too academic but it might be the right thing for your daughter. Online private tuition might be a good option too. You can always state what you need so they can adapt to your daughter's specific needs.

May 15, 2014