Is Children's Day in your country on June 1st? How do(did) you celebrate it?

These days, my nephew and some of my students are busy in preparing some events for the International Children's Day. I did a little research about the Children's Day of China and found that before 1949, the Children's Day was on April 4th, and later it was changed to June 1st.  In China, the children usually sing and dance on that day,and the teachers and parents will give them some gifts, like candy, a bag, a cake or toys etc. Some friends in Taiwan told me that they celebrate Children's Day on April 4th.  How about in your country? Is it also on June 1st? and how do you celebrate it?

May 16, 2014 5:33 AM
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ahhhh Why always people have a day of someting?!! I think in somehow it is invited to cover some problems inside the societies. 

Mother's day: to cover that children tend to leave their parents when they grow up. So , they may feel better if they celibrate just one day in the year SMH 

It is more likely to be for sons not for mothers. Just to hide the sence of guilt. Problem solved o_O!!

Children's day : What about the rest of the year. You don't cilibrate your children or something?!


Maybe people won't like this but it is just an opinion. Anyway, hope you enjoy the children's day.

May 16, 2014

hahaha....nope...Its celebrated on november 14th in India.....!!!

May 16, 2014