Pokemon X and an American Slang Phrase

My friend is so addicted to Pokemon X. He was just playing it and showed me how you can even battle other players around the world in the game. To demonstrate, he challenged some girl in France to a Pokemon battle. It got pretty intense. At one point, he tried to even out the playing field by bringing out one of his stronger Pokemon. Yes, she was winning. I slipped into speaking slang to be funny and said "OH SHIT! Shit just got real! She is whomping your ass, dude!" We use this very informal but pretty hilarious expression, "Oh shit. Shit just got real!",  in casual settings with friends. That doesn't mean you should emulate it but I am just throwing it out there so you are aware of the expression's meaning if you hear it. Anyhow, we use this expression to mean some situation just got intense or serious. My friend replied with "Oh hell no! Shit did not just get real." He became so competitive then. Hahahaha! Too funny! Anyhow, this girl in France ended up winning and to tease him, I said "See. This is why you should be learning French too, instead of only wanting to speak in English. Maybe if you knew how to swear in the French language, you would have been able to intimidate your opponent and would have won the battle. Hahahaha." He got so irritated and raised an eyebrow at me. Hahahaha!!!! Gotta love it! :)

May 17, 2014 1:30 PM
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