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I am in 80, but I still have a goal in my life . . .

If I asked you that what is your goal in life you will answer me,

I want to be very successful,
I want to have a good family,
I want to live for others, to help them,
I want to make our world better place,
I want . . . etc

Alot of answers I will get,

and the reason of that is . . . you think that you still have alot of years and alot of days to live,

But I want you to imagine with me that . . . you became in 80,
so, May I ask you SIR to tell me your goal of life in this age ?

Exactly (o_0)

Think deeply, and don't answer before being sure that you will give me the same answer that you just told to yourself right now,
Yes right now,

BTW, All respect for all people who already in 80,
I am just wondering about the opinions and answers,

& one more thing . . . Plz remember to correct my language,

May 18, 2014 2:09 PM
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You are exactly right.

I have thought about it befor and every time my answer was "if I can reach that age, I'll be waiting to die, for sure :D"

But when I look around me and see my parent and my grandmother, It seems all of their goals and happiness depend on our -their childrens- successes. Their children's happiness makes them happy and it's their pleasure to see their grandchilds start walking, talking or playing.

I think it's really hard to find a goal on that ages, but to be optimistic and lucky, I can say in that age I would have my personal camera and try to capture moments of my life which I like to save. On that age I know the value of time, and I know how time flies. I think being happy is my goal on that ages ;)

May 18, 2014

This discussion reminded me of the second verse of Roger Whittaker's song, "New World in the Morning"


May 18, 2014