Looking to meet people all around the World !

Hi guys,

I am looking to meet people all over the world during my one year world trip (starting next september).


So if you live in any of the countries below and would like to have a drink with me and tell me more about your wonderful place, please let me know :)


- South Africa
- India
- Nepal
- Hong Kong
- China
- Japan
- Thailand
- Indonesia
- Australia
- Argentina
- Bolivia
- Chile
- Peru
- Costa Rica
- USA (West Cost or NYC)
- Canada (Vancouver only)


Thanks and happy sunday !

May 18, 2014 6:37 PM
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I'm living in Zhengzhou city ,Henan province ,China. My home is not far from ShaolinTemple.If Zhengzhou in your trip schedule,I can provide some help.

May 19, 2014