How do you explain the strong interet people show in the terrible mass sufferings of other human beings?
May 20, 2014 7:50 AM
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  It is a common understanding that the law of God is written upon the hearts of all men.

That commandment is that mankind should love his fellow man as himself.  This has always been at the center of all conceptions of wisdom. 


 A personal dedication  to the relief of all human suffering is one of the most powerful motivations

that any person can undertake.  It follows also, that peace and calm are often with such persons,  because they  understand what life means  at its deepest level.

October 18, 2014

I agree with Jeremy. There are many reasons: empathy, sympathy, curiosity, sensationalism and many more. Don't you think it's just a natural human reaction?


If they look at "mass suffering" with glee, then I would regard that as perverted (rather than natural), inhuman and objectionable.


October 18, 2014


I do not think there is one reason. There are many. Some people like to see others suffer. Some people try to make sense of other people's suffering. Some people do not like suffering but feel excited when they see other people suffer. I do not like it.

I hope this helps.


October 17, 2014