حلوة يا بلدي

dear friends. i need words in songs حلوة يا بلدي - on arabic lauguage with english. thanks. shukran

May 22, 2014 8:21 PM
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I hope this help


Dalida, Helwa Ya Belady داليدا-حلوة يابلدي Translation

Note: the English transliteration of the lyrics is not an exact transliteration from Arabic-I tried to do it how it sounded so you get a better idea of the pronunciation
كلمه حلوه و كلمتين

Kelma Helwa wa kelmitayn

One nice word and two nice words
حلوه يا بلدى

Helwa ya belady

You’re beautiful, oh my country
غنوه حلوه و غنوتين

Ghenwa Helwa wa ghenwitayn

One beautiful song, and two beautiful songs
حلوه يا بلدى

Helwa ya belady
You’re beautiful, oh my country
املى دايما كان يا بلدى انى ارجعلك يا بلدي

Amalee dayman kan ya belady inee argaalak ya belady

My hope was always to return to you, my country
و افضل دايما جنبك على طول

Wa afDal dayman ganbik ala tool
And stay by your side forever
و ذكريات كل اللى فات فاكره يابلدي

Wa zakraiyet kol illy fat fakarah ya belady?

And all of my memories of the past, remember, oh my country?
قلبى مليان بحكايات فاكره يابلدي

Albee melyan bi hekayat fakarah ya belady

My heart is full of stories, remember, oh my country?
اول حب كان فى بلدى

Awwel Hob kan fee belady

My first love was in my country

May 22, 2014

yes you help me

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