Carlos Rodriguez
Methods for learning a new language

Hi everyone! I would like to know what are your methods when you're learning a new language. Does music or movies help? Or what you do for practice and learn better and faster a new language? Let me know ;) thanks!

May 27, 2014 6:29 PM
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It depends on your current foreign language skills. Different methods are suitable for different levels of fluency. Some methods may help you, others may not. You will have to try several methods until you find the one(s) that fit you most.

Here are some examples:

1) grammar exercises,

2) writing essays,

3) practising with a teacher or a native speaker,

4) listening to audio lessons,

5) reading books in a foreign language: there are easy-to-read books with a small vocabulary and there are unabridged editions,

6) watching movies and listening to music: in my opinion they only help when you're above intermediate level and you can follow what people are saying,

7) search the internet for language learning podcasts,

8) read newspapers, news on the internet, watch TV or listen to radio (above intermediate level)


Good luck!


May 27, 2014

Hi! Well, I remember a german teacher suggested me to hear rap music or watch movies in their original languague, specially without subtitles :D Of course, you could apply that to any languague and talk with any native speaker would be even better! 


Sometimes I take a dictionary and learn some words, not a lot just 5-7 words :D


And learn faster a languague... the only way I can imagine is to travel and live in a country where people speak the languague that you want to learn. o.o

May 27, 2014