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Bella Mera
Eight languages do not know lying
The language of flowers
It is the softest and most beautiful language to express the extent of feeling towards who we love in all conditions of love or sorrow or joy and this language a few people know and understand it. It shows tender –heartedness.
The language of eyes
Eyes language reflects the sincere feelings inside the heart and inside us.
The glances express their owner and they are stronger than any words and few people know this language.
The language of heart
The language of the heart and what it whispering to his owner with kindness and sometimes violently whispering but it is transparent whispers.
Although it is invisible and no one except you can see what's within your heart, but if the heart loves truly his owner will be generous to those around him.
The language of calm
It's a great psychological condition reflects the human personality and it describes a person who has a calm, sensitive and kind feelings and if a moment of despair visits him it will pass as a transient wave once the heart beloved guest ( the hope) is there ( what a beautiful calm!!)
The language of silence
It is the most powerful language. Only the intelligent and the strong persons who knows when to talk and when to be silent. It is the language of mind, a lot of times silence is much stronger than any talking.
Smile language
The smile is one of the language of the body that god gave to humans. It is a short cut to win hearts and it is your gate to break the barrier with the people around you, it is sincere expression.
The language of the sea
Language of the sea no one knows it except who truly loves it. The sea talks and listens to who it loves. How many people went to it and left between the embrace of waves a lot of sorrows and concerns.
The sea breaks out for it's lovers mutiny and feel sad for his sadness and feel joy for his joy.
Nov 9, 2008 1:39 AM
Comments · 8
shery! thank you for visiting my page and thanks for your sweet words
July 10, 2009
i really thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

i would rather say that the most beautiful language is the language of your finger tips. they share really magical thoughts of yours with us through your keyboard. i hope you keep on sharing your sweet words with us.

thanks and take care
July 9, 2009
its very nice words
February 27, 2009
it is the body language which is not lie, i believe.
February 20, 2009
thank you  my friends for the nice commentes,

my dear friend hayat i agree with you the language of eyes is unique language coz it's strong language and reallywe can understand alot  about what people hide through thoughs eyes .thanks alot
January 10, 2009
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