Shawarma.. Femanine or Masculine?

Ok I have been debating with a fellow colleague of mine as to weather shawarma is femanine or masculine in a sentence. From what I know Shawarma isn`t femanine because it doesn`t end with ta marbuta. Here is the example sentence that I saw from the book where they make it sound as if its a male.


Ana ufa9’el ashaawerma, la7muhu lad’eed’


Now I was just recently told by a Arab colleague of mine that in Jordan they usually say "la7muha la`deeda.


What is the correct answer?

May 28, 2014 8:12 PM
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@Erik: I've to say this is one of the "yummiest" discussions I've ever read on italki ;D

I adore shawarma, I would write poetry about it, but I'll stop right here (,") hehe

Speaking about Jordan Erik, it's true that the Jordanian dialect is one of the closer dialects to the MSA, still in the normal cases we only say: elshawerma zakieh;) and "zakieh" means "delicious", we never use latheetha, unless we want to write or speak in MSA.


@Oussama: Yes, techincally it's meat, but now I'm thinking that we indicate a "shawarma sandwich" when we say "shawarma" alone, probably this is why we refer to its meat that it's delicious. This is just my theory :) "sandwich" is also feminine when said in our dialect (سندويشة).


@Comendante: outstanding analysis;) We need to open more discussions about food, we might even write poetry about it O_o

October 31, 2014

Hi guys


In case anyone is interested. I was able to get a reply from the author of the book. This is what he stated..


"Yes usually shawarmaa is treated as a feminine word, but in the dialogue the delicious was the meat of the shawarmaa so we used the masculine form because meat (la7m) is masculine"

May 29, 2014

@ Mumtaz: Usually, we need emotions to write some poems. I have tried to write about the final destination of sheep but I couldn't. After all, we eat them O_o! ....

November 1, 2014

there are a lot of words that don't end with Ta Marbota ــة .. but they are Femanine words


such as : 


Heaven السماء


Sun : الشمس


eye : العين


and more

May 29, 2014

No it shouldn't. It describe the meat لحم which is masculine 

May 28, 2014
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