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Leraning new english words

what is the best site or materials for learning new english words constantly ?

( nouns, verbs, adjectives, . . . . etc )

but please, I hope the site or the material, help me to learn new words according to the most common to the less, and so on.


I really need help in this point, thanks

May 29, 2014 8:13 AM
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This one looks pretty good:



Althrough I would strongly recommend reading actual material and look up words that you don't know. A good approach is to read the Simple English Wikipedia (http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page). I also recommend Camrbidge Dictionary Online (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/), it provides great examples and also allows you to click on the words you don't know to look them up!


Hope this helps!

May 29, 2014

I strongly recommend you to read a book named 'Word Power Made Easy' written by Norman Lewis, because this little book have helped me a lot for building English vocabularies. The author explained each word by telling the stories, the roots relating to the words, and then there are some excersies for reviewing the words you have learned, thus this process makes readers have a great impression on the new words.

May 29, 2014

i think perfectyourenglish  is good

May 29, 2014

I found useful busuu.com. There are interactive lessons at this site. You can learn words and phrases easily while listening, reading and answering tests, just like playing a game. Themes arranged from most commonly used (like greetings, meeting, self introducing, asking a way to, discussing the weather and so on) to more complex things.

Good luck!

May 29, 2014

Thanks so much my friends :)

any other recommendations ?

May 29, 2014