Bill Zhou(周军)
As a mother what will you do in this situation?

Several days ago the math teacher asked all students to buy an excercise book.


The mother looked for it around the bookstore for your child. Fortunately she found it at a corner.
she bought it and by the way she sent a message in the parents group of her child's class.


She asked if any other parent wanted she buy one for his/her child. If she bought by the way, it will save a lot time of their.

Some parents answered the message and pleased for one. So the mother bought books for them as well.


The next day the child took books for classmates. But some of them refused because they said it was much more cheaper if buying by internet.

The child came back home and was frustrated. She said to her mother you don't do such things never again.


If you were the child's mother, how will you do?


Jun 3, 2014 10:13 AM
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Nothing (In my opinion)! She made the buying in function of her knowledges, moreover she asked to the other parents if they had agree...she has not any fault.

June 3, 2014