Good site to practice Spanish Verb Tenses

Trying to get my tenses down 100%, does anyone have a good site that mixes all the tenses, most of the pages I google only quiz in one or two tenses, I'd like a more difficult cumulative exam. Thanks as always to anyone who replies.

Jun 3, 2014 6:30 PM
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I'm native and I don't even know them all :P

try to write lists with each verb, that's how we learn it in primary school. Example:


Verbo: comer


Yo como

Tú comes

Él come


Nosotros comemos

Ustedes comen



Yo comí

Tú comiste

Él comió

Ella comió

Nosotros comimos

Ustedes comieron


Etc etc..


June 4, 2014

Sorry, apparently reading comprehension is not my forte, I just skimmed through your question really quickly.


I don't know of any website but can you just write a paragraph with the verbs unconjugated and then write in the correct ones? And then look them up after answering them? It's not ideal since you don't get instant feedback, but you can use the 501 verbs book or wordreference to look up the right conjugations almost as fast. Just a thought in case you can't find a website that mixes them up for you. Good luck.

June 3, 2014

Why don't you get a used copy of 501 Spanish verbs on amazon,, or ebay? It would cost 4-5 bucks with s+h included and save tou a lot of time typing online. 


And it tells you idioms used with the verbs and other useful things. Just a suggestion. :)


But is a great online tool for verb conjugation, it has a dictionary, and the best thing is the forum. Almost every question I have is already answered so you just look it up. You don't even have to wait for answers since the old ones are already there! Questions like, how do you say lady bug in Mexico? And posters will tell you how it's said in many countries. 

June 3, 2014