Travels and jobs!

I think traveling is one of the best things in life. Do you know any job where you can travel a lot? Pilots, air hostess...¿?  

Do you like a job where you have to travel or you prefer travel just for holidays?


Jun 5, 2014 10:46 AM
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Yes definitely, here is a list of career with a lot of traveling:

-Flight attendant


-Corp. Executives

-Event coordinators

-Social workers

-Fashion designers

-Civil servants

-ESL English teachers /International school teachers

-International Aid Worker


I'm a fashion designer and an entrepreneur, traveling is very needed at least 3 times a month between countries, and airplaines became my taxi now Lol! 

Traveling is very eye opening for sure :)

June 6, 2014

you have many options:

- try to get a working visa (new zealand would be on top of my list for this)

- Volunteer (some organisations let you volunteer for free, others demand fees. The latter ones are more comfortable and organised)

- study abroad

- WOOFFing (working on a farm for food and a roof)

- House sitting (live in someones house when they are away)

- couchsurfing (travel cheaply)


June 6, 2014

some people are just lucky!! hehe, enjoy your trip!

June 6, 2014

I love travel, one of my dreams is travel some countries like Uruguay, Canada, United States, India or Norway. I also visited to France three years ago. But my future job will not allow me to travel too, I am study Philosophy and I love it but... I think that I just will travel at holidays! hahaha

June 5, 2014

Yes. Having a job which helps you to fly in many where is the dream of many people. I have a dream like since I was young. I also want to have a opportunity to travel around the world when I become older. Now, I just a collesge student so I just travel through the internet, collect informations about many places. I also study hard and try to get a good job to have enough money for traveling.

June 6, 2014
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