What things that u got difficulty in learn Bahasa indonesia.?

Sometimes, my CE friends ask me a lot of thing about bahasa that they learn.

becouse we have each other grammer.

but bahasa is so easy and u can learn it as fast as possible that u want..

Jun 9, 2014 2:53 AM
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talking about Indonesian standard accent... I think it's same when we're talking about English standard accent. Even though there are two major accents, BE and AE, AE itself has various 'minor' accents like NY accent, LA accent, etc. if you wanna hear Indonesian standard accent from native Indonesian, find the ones who were born and raised in big cities since they mostly speak in Indonesian everyday. I'm not saying that the ones who live in urban can't speak Indonesian fluently. But if you're curious, yes, there are still people here who can't speak Indonesian. Indonesian is seen as their second language and ethnic language is their mother tounge.


Grammar, they say we have the easiest grammar. but Indonesian language learners often have difficulty in using preposition or "imbuhan". they say it's like the black hole in Indonesian language, even natives sometimes can't use the "imbuhan" correctly in daily life.

March 2, 2015

I have to agree that Bahasa Indonesia is a very "learner-friendly" language because the grammar is very simple, however, sometimes I tried to figure out how to "sound" like a Native and realized that with the great ethnic diversity, there is no standard accent :(

Sometimes, I accompany my father to his Indo-German gatherings and people would ask me which part of Indonesia I am from. Is it because of my accent? I learnt Indonesian in Germany, but nobody could ever tell because I do not have a German accent (most people thought I was either from Medan or Belitung). Still, this question confuses me, it makes me wonder where I really belong to if somebody wanted to identify my Indonesian roots.

March 1, 2015

For me I have to remember the Indo I speak with my parents/friends is different from what's taught to learners. It's a mixture of bahasa gaul and bahasa Jawa and cuts out whatever in the sentence is understood so there's no way a learner would fully understand it.


Formal Indo - Sebentar lagi kendaraannya akan datang; mohon anda bersiap-siap sehingga waktu kendaraannya datang anda tidak ketinggalan.

My Indo - Sbentar lagi dateng; siap-siap ya, ojok di tinggal.


Both are the same sentence in English.

July 21, 2015

Thanks for encouragement :)

January 24, 2015