JưṦt Mando
i`m going to leave this app

i think i`m gonna leave this App :D 

i can`t find some one to help me :(


so Bad ! :/

Jun 13, 2014 1:18 AM
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Because you didn't post a question in detail. If you're searching for someone to spend your time away chatting in English, it's going to take quite a long time.

June 13, 2014

Ok  ..

Thanks thaddeus

June 13, 2014

Welcome to italki!  I noticed that this is your first day.  If you are looking for a language exchange with a native English speaker, you should expect to wait for some time.  However, there are many professional teachers and informal tutors who can help you with your English.


I am a professional teacher on italki and would love to help you.  You can view my introduction and schedule on my profile page: http://www.italki.com/teacher/493889

June 13, 2014