my memorable experience

My memorable experience is about learning to drive a car. The first day when I arrived at the driving school,I felt nervous because I didn’t know what would go on and what I would do. First,The coach let me do warm-up exercise. I learned basic style of manipulation on clutch;shifting gear;steering wheel and how to handle them harmoniously. Because I had never driven a car before then. I failed to do them. My coach was at bad temper,he lost patience and scolded me from time to time. I became so nervously .He let me start up car and overtake it;change gear;speed up;slow down;brake;turning and reverse. But I was afraid. The coach was sitting beside me and taught me how to do correctly. After I drove for a while he left me driving alone. At that moment I felt embarrassed and hardly went on! Several days later, I was amazed that I could drive without coach. I felt confident and very happy. Then I could drive here and there on road . I felt very proud that I overcame the difficulties and I could finally drive.

Jun 13, 2014 2:21 PM