World Cup Brasil 2014

I want to know the thoughts of brazilian people about the world cup 14 in their country

Jun 13, 2014 2:29 PM
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If you explicitly want people from Brazil to react to your discussion, you had better posted it in the Portuguese language section.

June 14, 2014

Hi! Good matter! I´m brazilian so I think I can give you the general overview.. In a politic view it´s a totally mess. People disapprove the decision of the president of doing World Cup on Brazil, the reason are several: this World Cup is the most expensive on the history, this way much money, that could be invested on public services as transport and helth, that have historical structural problems , was applyed on stadium´s builting which was necessary (?) desplace several people who lived on favelas and FIFA´s exigences that are surreal  assignig we are a country still on development. This situacion mobilized people to do manifestations againt the World Cup, some of them wasn´t good intentioned, search for "Black Blocs"... Anyway World Cup Brazil 2014 took place yesterday, it´s true that people´s felling is divided on disgusting for beeing disrespected on their wills and the happiness to receive people from all over the world and the great teams with theirs football players... Well, in my opinion Brazil, Germany and Spain are favorites to be the winner... My desire? BRASIL! :)

June 13, 2014

I agree with you Marcela!! thank you for give me your opinion but now i think that Spain is not a favourite jajaj. I think that people need more other stuffs first, later football but i like football too.


Chris thank you for your idea but if i put my question in portuguese channel i wouldn't understand the answers ;P

June 16, 2014