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Pronouncing the "ed" in English

So my beginner students are having a lot of issues when to pronounce the "ed" and when not to say the "ed" with English words. 


Here is the secret and easy explanation I found from this link:


I will explain it very briefly for you. 


You SAY the "ed" when the verb has a t or d sound before the "ed" is said, giving it more than one syllable. Some examples are below: 


Treated (Treat-ed)

Meeted (Meet-ed) 

Hated (Hat-ed) 

Wanted (Want-ed) 

Decided (De-ci-ded) 



You DO NOT say the "ed" when the very does not sound like t or d before the "ed", giving it only one syllable. Some examples are below: 













Jun 13, 2014 5:54 PM
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To meet

Present: meet


Past: met


Past participle: have met


Meeted is incorrect.

June 13, 2014

even native speakers make mistakes..I guess that just makes us human! 


June 13, 2014

Meeted?  or do you mean meted?  Mete/meted works - as in 'meted out'


There is also a set of verbs doubling the 'd' or 't'
    bed/bedded wed/wedded net/netted rat/ratted ...

hmmm seems I can only think up 3-letter monosyllabic examples - ah here's one:

    profit profitted profited <em>(whoops, see my note about final stress!)</em>

    submit, submitted

You're perhaps American and are a law unto yourself? 

No, Canadian, well a camp-follower in that case (haha joking)

Where was I reading that the final letter doubles if the stress is on the last syllable?

July 19, 2014

ahhh yes of course Miranda! 


I was not thinking when I put that! 


Thank you for the correction! :) 

June 13, 2014