The world cup, what is it all about?

Discuss the view that football is simply just a game, and shouldn't be as popular as it is.


Agree or disagree and create a discussion point, add explanations, be as convincing as possible with the use of emotive language. Express your views using expressional language

(Please note that this may or may not be my view, this is simply a discussion question to motivate the use of language and expression of opinions)

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italki teacher

Jun 14, 2014 8:42 PM
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Hello! I hate soccer or football and I am Brazilian :P

But uh, I wouldn't say that it shouldn't be taken seriously. It changes lives and living in a country where it plays an important role, I can see the ups and downs of it. 


Ups: It creates programmes to help poor kids to get involved in a hobby and maybe take it further and become a way to make money in order to get by. 


A nation or the world needs to have entertainment and making this entertainment an official activity where it involves even the politics of the country, be sure, it's simply not just a game, it's a way to improve a society and even the economy of the countries that support it. The World Cup is bringing a lot of good things to Brazil, a lot of tourists come and spend money everywhere. It created jobs and will definitely be positive in many aspects to the Brazilian people. 




Corruption!!! As any other official activity where it's involved politicians and ambition, a lot of corruption and inequality take place. 


Abusrds like, a soccer player that probably never sat on a college or university chair, making more money than a teacher or any other profession out there. I think the salaries that are paid to those players shouldn't be that extremely high, it just does not make sense.


Violence: Since it's a competition, the supporters also compete between each other and there are zillions of cases where people fight, discuss, kill each other because of their favourite teams. 


And so on, I won't write too much but basically that's what I think! 

June 15, 2014

i see that your way it's very intersting to practice language , and you choose a current topic  and that great . so i agree with your opinion and this imoprtance how give to world cup i found it so over . 
P.S : catherine am not good in english so i thing that i did a lot of  errors :).


June 14, 2014