girls and shoes.

Lately, most of the girls that I knew like going to shopping. Even its only the window shopping but its great to look at pretty stuff like shoes. Most of Girls nowadays that I know likes to wear sneakers. Me too but I didn't have any of sneakers. I would like to buy it. Can anyone suggest the best brand with affordable price to me. I would like to try buy it. 

Jun 15, 2014 10:50 AM
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I don't ever buy shoes on the internet because you can't be sure if they'll fit you ~ sometimes sizes vary and you have to try them on to know for sure ^^ I think you should look around town , go to the mall and check out some brands there:D

June 15, 2014

Why not just look in the shops and see what you like? Maybe if you buy on the internet they will be cheaper.

June 15, 2014