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Multicultural Monday


<em>What do people usually eat for breakfast in your country?</em>


Add your country or nationality and give as much detail about the healthy activities as possible in the comments below.

(Please note this is purely an English practice and culture sharing exercise)




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Jun 16, 2014 9:02 AM
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In my country Turkey, we usually known enormous breakfast which includes cheese, olives, tomato, cucumber, pepper, butter, jam, honey-kaymak (in Turkish dairy product), salami-sausage, egg (boiled or fried), bread and indispensable is tea. All of these can be eaten all together or more extreme also available (pastry etc.) As you can see we have a quite calory cuisine:)

June 16, 2014

My name is Petrelbear and I am from Central China. The people of Central China are famous for Duck neck, pancake and hot noodle with sesamea paste, and the most famous one is hot noodle with sesamea paste, maybe also called hot day noodle. Hot dry noodle is made of plain flour, dietary alkali, sesame oil, and some flavourings like soybean sauce, chopped green onion, acetum, sesamea paste, garlic, etc. Firstly, you have to make noodles with plain flour, dietary alkali and salt, and this process is quite easy just like the common noodles. Then boiling the prepared noodles in water. After the noodles are cooked, it is usually served hot in a bowl or dish and add sesamea paste, soybean sauce and chopped green onion to it, and then you get a bowl of delicious hot dry noodle.

June 16, 2014

Hi! My name is Diamond and I'm from Tunisia. It is a small country in North Africa that is famous not only for its kind and generous people but also for its delicious spicy dishes. Since your discussion is about only breakfast, I'm going to tell you that the different foods that Tunisians eat for breakfast are the same as many countries'. It can be coffee or milk and bread with butter and jam or cheese and eggs. Others like to eat cake or croissant instead of bread. Others prefer to eat cereals and cornflakes instead of coffee. Still there are others who prefer fresh juice to coffee. And there also those who like to start the day with a big hearty breakfast that consists of "assida" or "bsissa" which are both traditional foods. :)

Have I made any mistakes?

June 16, 2014

I'm from north of China. In north of China people has several kinds of main dish fro breakfast: YOU TIAO, Chinese pancake, baked wheat cake, BAO ZI and bread. The soap for breakfast include TOU FU NAO, soybean mike and milk.


YOU TIAO is a stick shape like, made of wheet powder and cooked in boiling oil bath until becoming golden. Chinese pancake is made of wheat powder and circular like. Baked wheat cake is circular also and smaller then Chinese pancake. they are both fried in flat pot with oil covering.


TOU FU NAO is the soap for breakfast. It's made of Chinese TOU FU, salty soap, needle mushroom and coriander leaves. It's my best favorite soap. But it is not very healthy if you eat too much salt. So I often have soybean milk or milk.


The common suit of breakfast are YOU TIAO with TOU FU NAO, Chinese pancake with TOU FU NAO, baked wheat cake with TOU FU NAO or soybean milk, and bread with milk. Oh, an boiled egg or fried egg is also necessary.


YOU TIAO;_ylt=A0LEVx4Zwp5TuisAcAlXNyoA?p=youtiao&fr=yfp-t-412&fr2=piv-web




Chinese pancake


baked wheat cake





June 16, 2014

I am Chung Nguyen, I come from VietNam. Nice to meet you. In my country, people always eat a light meal such as Phở or Bún to get ready for a new day. Phở or Bún is made from noodle with stick water of pig meat or beef  meat or crab or shelfish. You can enjoy it with vegetable, fresh onion if you like. These kind of breakfast foods are very easy to cook and delicious, especial Phở which is one of VietNam's speciality.

June 16, 2014
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