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English Lesson Structure and Instant Tutoring

In my time on italki teaching English to foreign students, I have had many different class structures for all kinds of students from lots of different countries. Some of them like to just talk for the duration of the class, others are looking at improving certain things about their English and ask for specific things before the class and we work on that. Also, with the new instant tutoring, I find most of the time the class is just free discussion as there is no time for preparation on the teacher's side with the request, acceptance and class being so instant and immediate.


What do other teachers and students find is the best method that they have used? Do they prefer just a free talk where the discussion is just from the top of the head? Is it better if the student tells the teacher before the class what they want and then the teacher can have something specific prepared? And what is your opinion on the instant tutoring and do you find it helpful to have a class instantly?


I await your feedback. Thanks

Jun 16, 2014 10:42 PM