Your music, Our music

Every one of us has his own taste and preferences in each and every field and music is no exception. However , there are certain songs, symphonies, rythms ,etc. that all of us, regardless of our diversity, finds beautiful and must hear. For me, a song that i want everybody to hear is 'Mr. Tambourine man, bob dylan'. And you, what is the song you'd like to share with us?

Jun 20, 2014 11:59 PM
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This is cool stuff you guys, i listened to each one of them and to be honest , they're quite something. What I liked the most is that, all these songs are new to me, they're different in Style but still , I liked them all; Great :D

June 21, 2014

Hi! I discovered this yesterday and now it is my number 1: And if I'd die tonight, you'd still be on my mind.


June 21, 2014

I've heard Eminem's Stan almost a hundred times. That's a fantastic song, especially the version Eminem sang with Eleton John. I doubt everyone could accept his songs.

June 21, 2014