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English study resources you wish you could find

There are so many great materials on the internet for learning English, but are there any resources you have not been able to find?

Jun 24, 2014 11:35 PM
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Haha, that is a good point.  It does seem like a leading question.


For instance, when I started learning Korean in 2008 there were very few (free) resources online through which I could practice all language areas.  Most of the resources focused on the most polite level of speech in Korean, but I really wanted to find a good resource for learning casual, everyday spoken Korean.  Fortunately, now there are several resources that provide this for Korean learners.


When thinking about different resources for learning English recently, the idea of presenting older materials in a modern way came up.  For instance, presenting a famous poem in English in a video.  First, the poem would be read at a natural speed.  Then, the poem would be read slower to focus on pronunciation.  Then, the video would focus on some interesting vocabulary or phrases in the poem and give more examples.


What do you think about this idea?  Or, can you think of some other useful resource for your studies?

June 25, 2014

It seems to me that I don't know what I haven't found till you might recommend me of some materials.

June 25, 2014