English language is always difficult.I learned long time,but it seen is too bad.sometime disappointed to learn

Who have a suit method to impove english language skills?I can write a good sentence in long!^_&.

Jun 25, 2014 1:17 PM
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Hi saikiwei,

I've asked for something like that a few days ago, and the following was the best answer :


What I've noticed about those who speak English not only correctly but eloquently is this: They read a lot.

Reading every day will greatly improve your skills - not only your written but your verbal skills as well. Read some novels for fun in genres you enjoy (i.e. sci fi, romance, thriller, mystery, etc.). It doesn't always have to be the newspaper although reading a newspaper is helpful. The English in newspapers is terse.

Be discerning in the English programs you choose to watch. Not all of them use English correctly. As an avid follower of current events I suggest watching PBS Newshour for American English pronunciation. Their English is pretty much impeccable and advanced.

I'm not quite sure of a quicker way to learn English except to move to an english-speaking country.

Good luck.


That was a copy of the best answer, good luck.

June 25, 2014

just talk with Americans 

June 25, 2014