Do you think TV and movies in your country represent you?

I really think that Tunisian movies do not represent the society that I know. Some Tv series do but they tend to misrepresent some things or exagerate some aspect. Some talk shows are just horrific! We are having a proliferation of such shows where people come and share about their misdeeds, their degenerate natures and the messed up relations they have with people around them in general. And the lies they tell!!

Sometimes I fear that I may actually be living under a rock and that I am not seeing what is happening under my nose.

Jun 25, 2014 8:00 PM
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Comparing german TV, talkshows as well as movies, it would mean that all germans are antisocial workless scum, men are rapers of women and children, the gardener is always a murderer, there is murdering everywhere, car drivers are always maniacs, east-Berlin is 100% national socialistic and whatever. I could extend this list with hundreds of lines like that. Some people in Germany call TV a weapon of mass destruction and I think they are not totally wrong with this point. I for myself never watch TV and also never will. They just show unrealistic stuff which has nothing to do with real life or they just fill you up with lies and other propaganda.


Remember: The media is never a sign of freedom. They only show you what you shall see and never what you really should see to see the truth. As long as this will be like that, quality of TV will stay very low and not worth to watch. I for myself live so much better without it. When I visit my parents I always get acknowledged, because they watch a lot of TV and it is still the same stupid stuff, since I have left to my own apartment.

June 25, 2014

   Not very much.  Virtually all TV  Serials  are   entirely irrelevent for modern people.


   Did you ever notice that TV and Movies never show people with a tight budget?



June 26, 2014

No, they are definitely not representing me or my Colombian culture. If all those soap operas were real, all women here would be prostitutes and they wouldn't have the chance to attend a college, which is not true. And men would work as drug dealers or murderers. I really disagree with Colombian tv shows. They always use themes like sex and drugs to attract the viewers attention, but this causes misunderstandings and defame our real situation. 

June 26, 2014

Nope! I think they don't!

I prefer not to waste my time with TV cuz I think it rarely shows us the deeper meaning of life and how to find our own sense of direction.


July 18, 2014

As an American (and a Black American) I MUST respond to say: No, we don't all have guns and have shoot outs every day. UGH!


Even Americans who watch too much TV believe their own country is more dangerous than it is. TV is improving over here but it is far from representative. The purpose of TV is to entertain and portraying the boring lives of most of us isn't very entertaining, I suppose.

June 26, 2014
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